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Let\’s go, just a few little monsters! Moyi took the lead in flying. Duan Qiong followed him at a short distance, vigilantly spreading out her divine consciousness and bringing her surroundings into her perceptible range Qun Wei clapped his hands twice. The inheritance of our ancestors is really great! The saliva is a whole pool! These are definitely enough for woqun to develop for ten thousand years Chu Linglu struggled to get up, went to the masked friars and took off the spirit cloth on their faces one by one! Although she had long been mentally prepared, her mouth was still bitter. They were either others or servants of the Chu family! Her sisters and brothers have been impatient and want to kill her so that they can enter the palace and become the most beautiful nun in woqun country! Thank you for saving your life! Her words showed no gratitude, and she looked straight at the bodies lying on the ground not bad Duan Qiong praised with satisfaction that Xue 23 used the light on the grass leaves to provide energy for the night pearl, and achieved quite ingenious results! A large and small animal skin house has been built in the territory, which is full of beds, tables and chairs made of night pig bones and fur! Finally, I have a feeling of being human. There\’s a figure! Xue 23 and Duan Qiong walked in front. They looked at each other, opened their mouth to their mouth, and lifted their hands to stop the footsteps of their descendants. So they saw a fire ball rising from the fingertips of the star eater family, and the Oriental magician split a bowl of thick lightning! Six winds blew from the star eater family, and the Oriental magician threw hail! The star eater family said a long and cumbersome spell and disappeared in place with a magic rod. The Oriental magician patted a piece of yellow paper on his body and disappeared immediately! The four of them tossed and tossed like jugglers in the world. Dumb slave and Wu Qiu defeated the star eater family by an overwhelming victory and won full applause! I draw a circle to curse Niu scar and Qi Yue to drop his pants! Yan Leqiu whispered and made duanqiong all black! He likes to curse people for dropping their pants. It\’s the same thing. But he\’s never tired of it If it\’s stolen, steal it. Our Yan family can afford to lose it! An old God turned ancestor closed his eyes and said that eggs can\’t be put in one basket. Everyone knows the truth. Our ancestors have their own backhand Are they really misled? Think about your behavior. It\’s really like having no brain. People are as disgusting as swallowing flies alive. Angrily shook his sleeve and left. Some people even spoke harshly to Fen Lingxi: I don\’t want to see you again Where did you hear the story? What does the Xue family have to do with us? The infant monk pretended to have nothing to do with the Xue family in the story

That\’s unreasonable! Empress Dowager Yang raised her eyebrows and clapped the table. Her kind eyes shone a sharp light. She was furious. Where did it come from? she insisted on a good cure.

Wang Changming\’s anger and painful howling merged together, twisting his huge body and shrinking back. He also knew that he could not be Fang Yang\’s opponent, and his heart was suddenly retreating. \”No, I can\’t die here! I still have a bright future. I have to find Lei Qilin and get great achievements! I can\’t die!\” Wang Changming roared. The light flowed between his eyes. He stared at Fang Yang and showed a touch of determination in his heart. Spell it! \”Fang Yang! You can\’t kill me!!\” Wang Changming roared. The huge dragon suddenly rose from the ground and flew away into the air. Seeing his action, Fang Yang\’s face was slightly heavy: \”do you still want to go? There is no chance for you!\” his wrist trembled, and the nine palace sword immediately burst out countless sword shadows. The sword shadows filled the air and galloped out in all directions, cutting down on the green dragon. The shadow of the sword left his hand. With the blessing of Xuanqi, it rose at the sight of the wind and became extremely huge. At a glance, the sky is just fierce, the blade is sweeping, and the sword Qi flows, making this white cloud land become a streamer and gorgeous. Fang Yang could see that Wang Changming didn\’t have a hard mind. He probably wanted to fly into the air with the help of his huge body, attract attention and summon the other Dragon Kings. But how could Fang Yang give him this opportunity? The more he fled, the more Fang Yang wanted to make a quick decision! Only when they have not met, it is most beneficial for Fang Yang to kill one person as soon as possible. The five fire spirit beads fly fast. The bursting of each fire bead leads to a group of heaven and earth fire, which is powerful. Besides, the nine palace sword in Fang Yang\’s hand never stopped. The nine palace sword dances, and different sword formulas are displayed. They are stacked one after another and cut on the Dharma phase of the green dragon. Wang Changming\’s green dragon Dharma phase is not good at defense. Therefore, in the face of such an attack, he feels stretched out. Under the bombardment of sword and five fire spirit beads, the green dragon Dharma phase also leaves countless scars and mysterious Qi. But Wang Changming still didn\’t panic at all. He roared and rushed to the sky. As long as someone came, he could get rid of the situation at this time! Fang Yang\’s eyebrows wrinkled. Although the strength of Qinglong Jun was not very good, he was a kind of dragon after all. Looking at his ability to fight, it was really a big trouble. You can\’t delay any more. Thinking of this, the yin-yang mysterious Qi in Fang Yang\’s body moved, and the riot broke out immediately. Yin Yang disorder! Yin and yang are in disorder. Fang Yang\’s whole body seems to be roaring with black and white dragons. Then he steps on it and disappears in place. Under the chaotic state of yin and Yang, his strength did not know how much improved. With the help of his own enhancement, Fang Yang also locked his eyes on Qinglong, moved his wrist and cut the blade horizontally. Purple broken! The green awn turns purple, and the purple blade breaks the air.

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