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Let\’s go, just a few little monsters! Moyi took the lead in flying. Duan Qiong followed him at a short distance, vigilantly spreading out her divine consciousness and bringing her surroundings into her perceptible range Qun Wei clapped his hands twice. The inheritance of our ancestors is really great! The saliva is a whole pool! These are definitely enough for woqun to develop for ten thousand years Chu Linglu struggled to get up, went to the masked friars and took off the spirit cloth on their faces one by one! Although she had long been mentally prepared, her mouth was still bitter. They were either others or servants of the Chu family! Her sisters and brothers have been impatient and want to kill her so that they can enter the palace and become the most beautiful nun in woqun country! Thank you for saving your life! Her words showed no gratitude, and she looked straight at the bodies lying on the ground not bad Duan Qiong praised with satisfaction that Xue 23 used the light on the grass leaves to provide energy for the night pearl, and achieved quite ingenious results! A large and small animal skin house has been built in the territory, which is full of beds, tables and chairs made of night pig bones and fur! Finally, I have a feeling of being human. There\’s a figure! Xue 23 and Duan Qiong walked in front. They looked at each other, opened their mouth to their mouth, and lifted their hands to stop the footsteps of their descendants. So they saw a fire ball rising from the fingertips of the star eater family, and the Oriental magician split a bowl of thick lightning! Six winds blew from the star eater family, and the Oriental magician threw hail! The star eater family said a long and cumbersome spell and disappeared in place with a magic rod. The Oriental magician patted a piece of yellow paper on his body and disappeared immediately! The four of them tossed and tossed like jugglers in the world. Dumb slave and Wu Qiu defeated the star eater family by an overwhelming victory and won full applause! I draw a circle to curse Niu scar and Qi Yue to drop his pants! Yan Leqiu whispered and made duanqiong all black! He likes to curse people for dropping their pants. It\’s the same thing. But he\’s never tired of it If it\’s stolen, steal it. Our Yan family can afford to lose it! An old God turned ancestor closed his eyes and said that eggs can\’t be put in one basket. Everyone knows the truth. Our ancestors have their own backhand Are they really misled? Think about your behavior. It\’s really like having no brain. People are as disgusting as swallowing flies alive. Angrily shook his sleeve and left. Some people even spoke harshly to Fen Lingxi: I don\’t want to see you again Where did you hear the story? What does the Xue family have to do with us? The infant monk pretended to have nothing to do with the Xue family in the story

This makes Lao Li\’s sons feel bad. The old lady said from an early age that the girl is a loser. Why is it different when she comes to Li Siyu.

Yu Muyang has nothing to hide. He answered slowly. He liked to hear Jane Xi call him \’brother Muyang\’ in her soft waxy voice. The same three words annoyed Shao Yanshuang. If her brother Shao Yanyong wasn\’t his best friend, he wouldn\’t give Shao Yanshuang any color at all. \”Such magic? I didn\’t expect that there would be a place like Kunyuan in the world. If only there were more, all the people in China would be saved.\” Jane Xi thought that although many people could be arranged here, she could only save one thirtieth of the people in China. After all, the place is limited and the resources are limited. The premise is to deal with these people in Kunyuan by yourself. Not all of them are decent sects. There are also evil sects like Baiming sect. The two chatted for a while, and Yu Muyang left. Before leaving, he ordered his servants to take good care of him. Here, although most of them have many modern elements, their living habits still maintain the ancient dignity and inferiority. Jane Xi also went back to her room to rest. the second day. When the first ray of morning light came down, Jane Xi had spit out her mouth and slowly stood up. There was a place in the garden on the top of the hill. There was a platform on the top of the mountain, but it was an excellent place to absorb the star power and purple gas. Therefore, the star power absorbed here last night and in places with abundant spiritual power, the efficiency is so fast. Coupled with the purple air coming from the East in the morning, Jane Xi feels that her spiritual power is rolling endlessly and surging like the sea, but Xi has never condensed the trace of golden elixir. Back to the residence to take a bath, and then his servants brought breakfast. At this time, Yu Muyang also arrived and had breakfast with Jane Xi in the Pavilion by the lake. Jane Xi likes to enjoy delicious food in this beautiful natural landscape, which is a kind of enjoyment. The next day, because Jian Xi had to wait for people from all major departments to come, the meeting was tomorrow night, so on this day, Yu Muyang did his best to lead Jian Xi to play in Kun garden and get familiar with this paradise. At the same time, Yu Muyang also introduced the location of some large mountain gates. The day passed quickly. At this time, less than half of the Mountain Gate came to Daiyu gate. The leader took his favorite children or disciples. Although only two people attended the meeting, there were more than ten teams. Most of them wanted to strengthen the communication among the younger generation. Close to the evening, Daiyu gate welcomed a team of people from Baiming sect, blood knife sect and Wangui sect. These three sects are not decent sects in terms of their names, but together, the three forces have reached a thousand people, led by Baiming sect. Nearly 50 people came to this team. Baiming sect\’s black clothes, blood knife sect\’s red clothes and Wangui sect\’s clothes are between the first two sects, which are red and black clothes. On such occasions, the three sects must be present, because they have a great influence in the Kun garden. That\’s why they can survive in the Kun garden. Otherwise, how can the decent sects tolerate the cruelty of their cultivation methods? The three sects also know that their cultivation methods are not allowed by the right way, so they never make trouble in the Kun garden. Black hands choose to be in the secular world, and will not touch the secular relatives in the Kun garden sect. Therefore, they have not aroused the public anger of the Kun garden all the time, otherwise they have been killed countless times. This is also the wisdom of the three sects, that is, to make each other afraid without causing public anger. This is also their way of survival. The Daiyu gate receives all the people of the sect. They are the front mountain in the mountain gate, and the back mountain is the place for the cultivation of important people of the sect and the residence of their families. Although most ordinary people are sent to live in the secular world, some of the friars\’ direct relatives, although ordinary people, can stay, which is equivalent to the back house in the secular world. Jian Xi\’s residence is not in the back mountain, nor in the hospitality area, but not far from the hospitality area and the disciples in the door. After dinner, Yu Muyang has to receive the guests who come to the mountain gate. Of course, those at the level of leader and elder are greeted by Yu Huatian, but the younger generation is Yu Muyang and several martial brothers who are the top of the sect, so it\’s inconvenient for him to always accompany Jane Xi. Jane Xi had thoroughly visited this treasure place in one day, and there was nothing wrong. She returned to the destination. After sending off the servants, she sat cross legged in the room. Even if there was no Juling array, the aura was no worse than that of Jane Xi. But Jian Xi habitually threw out a one-time soul gathering array and warning and prohibition array. This array made of cowhide is of high quality and low price. Jian Xi is not so distressed when she uses it. In the environment with abundant spiritual power, even if you don\’t practice, you can\’t feel comfortable. Feeling the spiritual power in your body, you suddenly think of the highly imitated light Scepter you once got, so you didn\’t practice and took it out. Although the material of the scepter is also very special, it is not difficult to find. This scepter is of no use to Jane Xi, but what is the bead on the top bird\’s head? Why did the aura run on its own without having to be mobilized by itself as soon as it was taken out? And the divine consciousness was slightly shocked by it.

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